Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalms 139:14b

A few days ago I was eating a banana. Not just any banana. This banana wasn’t green(unripe) or brown(over-ripe) but it was a perfect yellow and it was amazingly delicious. I don’t know why I never noticed these things before. But on this morning I was greatly impressed with how easy it was to peel and how neatly it could be eaten. There was no waste and the skin served as the ‘wrapper’ which prevented getting any fruit on my hands.  I have eaten many bananas in my lifetime, but for some reason this banana made my soul well up with praise and admiration to God! I even said out loud, “Wow God, this is amazing! I really like your engineering and design on this! ”  I finished my breakfast and went on with my busy day. Later that afternoon, I was doing my weekly grocery shopping and was passing through the fruit section. I looked down at my list and then back up, when to my surprise, I saw a fruit I have never seen before. It was cooler than cool! The grocer, who saw my reveling, filled me in on everything I needed to know about the Dragon Fruit. This was a Burning Bush moment!  I had told God what a great job He did on the banana and now He was finishing the conversation by saying, “If you thought the banana was so special, take a look at this one!” I purchased the Dragon Fruit and took it home.  I was so marveled by it that I took the following pictures and posted them on facebook.

My first dragon fruit.
It has seeds like a kiwi.
Dragon fruit peels like a banana.

On the facebook photo album which I posted, I added the caption, “I was just admiring God this morning and giving him kudos for the amazing job he did on the banana, then I see this!” Thinking it might be disrespectful to put God and Kudos in the same sentence, I decided to look up the meaning of kudos to make sure it had no irreverant slang definition. What I found was that I probably couldn’t have used a more appropriate word. Kudos is from the Greek word κῦδος, which means glory or honor!

It got me thinking. These are only two of thousands of fruits that God created. (Just to get an idea of the vastness of just the culinary fruits, CLICK HERE.) If God put such consideration into something as insignificant as a piece of fruit and if that fruit could evoke such praise and admiration, why don’t we praise him more? This is just fruit we’re talking about here. We can’t even begin to fully consider every amazing insect, sea creature, bird, land animal or the magnificent human body! And what about the amazing universe out there of which so much we are still unaware because our technology is so incredibly limited compared to what is out there!

The ONLY thing we can know “full well” is that God’s works are wonderful! The ONLY thing appropriate for us to do is to give Him all our praise. He alone is worthy to receive all the glory and honor!  LH

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