Big Big Yard (Again)

 While we are here on earth, we sigh because we want to live in that heavenly home. 2 Corinthians 5:2 CEV

(I am reposting this from last year because today marks the One Year Anniversary of Jasonte Medsker’s  passing from this life to the next. We commemorate his beautiful, purposeful, life-giving journey. Our prayers go up to God for peace and comfort to his family as they mourn the loss during this anniversary.)

My son turned twenty today. Birthdays are the hardest. They are calendal reminders to me that my son is handicapped–just in case I ever forget. They are like some sadistic temporal cue refusing to let me be, trying to prevent me from walking in faith and joy by throwing in my face all the life milestones that normally accompany one of such an age.

Been there done that—according to my calculations—at least twenty times!

But like I learned in that first Lamaze class I took, when you feel the pain, breathe and think of a happy place. So my imagination takes me off to a place I first heard about in a song, a football game in heaven.

I was a camp counselor at a retreat that my daughters were attending. The worship leader began to sing BIG HOUSE by Audio Adrenaline. I had heard the song so many times playing on the radio, but never during a worship service. Completely surprised, this time I was moved to tears by the lyrics.

Come and go with me

to my Fathers house

Come and go with me

to my Fathers house


It’s a big big house

with lots and lots of room

A big big table

with lots and lots of food

A big big yard 

 where we can play football 

A big big house

Its my Fathers house

As I sang the words, “a big big yard, where we can play football”, a picture of my son running around in heaven playing football with the guys came into my mind. This picture was so evocative to me. Perhaps, because I had grown up with four older brothers who were very involved in sports. I have many cheerful childhood memories of watching them play football. For some reason that was not to be for my son, at least not at this time. But this song reminded me then and continues to remind me, this world is not all there is!

This past week, Judah’s friend, Jasonte passed away. He, like Judah, had cerebral palsy and was captive to his earthly body. Our family grieves deeply with his family for we have walked together down a similar path and have gained strength from each other in the hardships and the joys that these children bring to us. We also celebrate with them, knowing that what we envision for our sons when we sing about heaven is not just wishful thinking.  These lyrics are a modern-day invitation to an ancient summons. Jesus said, “Don’t get lost in despair; believe in God, and keep on believing in Me. My Father’s home is designed to accommodate all of you. If there were not room for everyone, I would have told you that. I am going to make arrangements for your arrival.  I will be there to greet you personally and welcome you home, where we will be together.”  John 14:1-3 VOICE

Big big yard

Jasonte is warming up for one of the most fantastic pick-up games of football that could ever be imagined. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?LH

In Loving memory of JASONTE MEDSKER June 4, 1997 - July 17,2013

(If you aren’t sure if you will be in the game CLICK HERE)



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  1. Lisa,

    I just want to say you have such an incredible special gift of writing; with such deep personal and inspirational thought that truly is inspired by God! I enjoy reading your posts.

    Gerri Lutz

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